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Neutrovis Medical Face Mask 3ply - Dusty Rose (Airy Secure Ombre Series) 50's

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A better and more snug fit! 


Moulded to hug the contours of your face, our new and improved face mask includes a double metal strips to ensure a more secure and comfortable fit. This new feature lets you adjust how you want the mask to sit on your face to maximize comfort and improve breathability. 
The face mask is made of melt blown filter fabric with ≥98% BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) and ≥96% PFE (particle filtration efficiency) which works to block out bacteria, pollution, pollen and dust particles from your surrounding. 
Our mask is customised (175mm x 95mm) to fit Asian facial structures and to provide users with a better fit and added comfort for long wear. The headloops are also ultra gentle for maximum comfort.
Perfect for daily protection for both work and play.  


Designed for thorough protection & unmatched comfortable


- ≥98% BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency)  
The material has the ability to resist harmful bacteria penetration, keeping the user from breathing in pollution and germs. 


- ≥96% PFE (particle filtration efficiency) 
With the capacity to block out particles up to 0.1μm (micron), the mask can block the entry of viruses.


- Ultra-gentle earloops that eliminate pressure on the ears. 




How to use


1. With the colored side facing outwards, mould the top metal strip to the contours of your nose.


2. Bend the middle metal strip to form a 3D shape.


3. Expand the folds of the mask for ease of breathability and communication.


4. Remove the used mask by holding only the earloops.




Frequently Asked Questions


1.Who can use Neutrovis Medical Face Mask Airy Secure Series? 

For adult use, except for those with heart and lung health issues, and those with allergies to non-woven fabrics are advised to use it with caution.


2.Can it be reused? 

The mask is disposable and cannot be reused. It is recommended that it is changed every 4 hours. When removing the mask, fold, dispose of it appropriately, and wash the hands immediately. 


3.Can I spray Neutrovis Medical Face Mask Airy Secure Series with alcohol or sanitisers? 

No. Alcohol and sanitiser damages the quality and effectiveness of the melt blown filter fabric.


4.What do I need to know when using Neutrovis Medical Face Mask Airy Secure Series? 

Do not use the mask if the box is damaged. Use it as soon as the box is opened. 

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